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Pest Be Gone Solutions understands that all Australian Builders are bound by the Builders Code of Australia, as well as the Australian Standard AS3660.1. Ensure that all pre-construction in Perth is to the highest standards.

The Building Code of Australia states that when the primary building elements of a new building works (including extensions) are susceptible to termite attack. Then Protective measures must be taken to the AS3660.1. Pest Be Gone Solution offers a variety of physical and chemical treatment systems, which are deemed to meet Building Code of Australia requirements. These preventative barriers are installed to prevent and/or reduce the chance of termites entering the building through a concealed entry.

With termites causing damage to over 150,000 houses a year Australia wide; it is an absolute necessary step a in the pre-construction Perth process.

There are many forms of protection are available for the different types of pre-construction in Perth. However the type of treatment proposed will be determined if it’s is being used on its own or in combination.

There are two different types of treatment for pre-construction Perth.

  • A Chemical protective treatment through;
  1.  Hand spray application
  2.  Reticulation systems.
  • A physical protective treatment through;
  1. Home Guard termite barriers
  2. Kordon termite barriers
  3. Trithor termite barriers

A combination of the two treatments mentioned above may be needed to meet the necessary minimum requirements AS3660.1.

Pest Be Gone Solutions are highly qualified to install both physical and chemical protective treatments to any pre-construction site Perth and offer a vast range of different products enabling us to help you meet all specifications and standards