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There are 1,800 known species worldwide with 60 species of Ticks found in Australia. Ticks pest control Perth injecting toxins into animals and humans blood stream. Ticks will require Medical assistance to be remove ticks pest control Perth . While Mites can cause infestations and skin irritations. There are several treatment methods which will help resolve this problems.


There are many species of Ticks pest control Perth . They should be identified by a Pest Controller have 1,800 known species worldwide with 60 species in Australia. Although there are many

Tick’s heads are fused to the top of their bodies. They have strong mouthparts which they use to attach to their victims to extract blood. They have 4 sets of legs.

They can cause death of warm-blooded animals or humans by injecting toxins into their victims’ bodies which will flow into the blood stream.

Adults are small to medium in size with long flat body approximately 30mm in length. With pair forceps at the end of their body to use for mating, defense and holding their prey. Legs are developed for walking, running. Compound eyes and chewing mouthparts pieces.

Health Risks

Ticks pest control Perth spend a lot of time in gardens they can carry a lot of bacteria on their bodies. They do have a high pest status.

As Ticks become attached to the victim by attaching their strong mouthparts. The have attached barbs which bear backwards so they cannot easily removed. They inject their saliva into the victim so they can feed without blood clotting. This injected toxins in the saliva is toxic to warm blooded animals or humans. After visiting wooded areas it is advised to look for ticks. They can attach to dogs, cats and humans.

Medical assistance needs to be sort after to remove ticks.

Mites attack food produce, stored foods and can attack humans. They can cause infestations in untreated areas of the house, in areas of poor hygiene and can cause skin irritations.


The female Tick lays approximately 3,000 eggs in vegetation which will hatch in 40-60 days. When the larva hatch, they are 1mm in length and have 6 legs. They develop a hard skin and then attach to animals to begin feeding. They prefer native animals to feed on.

The nymphs remain in moist vegetation for 14-40 days. At this stage they are 2mm long and have 8 legs. It then attaches to an animal to feed for 4-7 days before moulting before reaching adulthood.

When they reach adult stage they feed for longer periods of time 6-20 days.

Mites (Order Accina)- Mites are smaller than ticks 0.1-2mm in length. They have an un-segmented abdomen and have 4 pairs of legs at adult stage. Mouthparts may be piecing and sucking but they prefer to eat plant life, food and humans.

Mites are laid in eggs, then develop into larval stage, then nymphal and into adults. Mites have 3 sets of legs in Nymphal phrase but they develop 4 pairs of legs by adult phrase.

Mites Photo Adult body Length Important Facts
The Poultry Red Mite (Dermanyssus gallinae, Family Dernabyssidae) Body length 0.1-2mm. Causes discomfort to the person wearing the clothing. Sometimes found in bird nesting materials.
Food Mites (Family Acaridae) Body length 0.1-2mm Occur in houses especially in stored foods.
The Starling Mite (Ornithonysuss bursa, Family Macronyssidae) Body length 0.1-2mm. Nests in roof cavities and untreated areas. When the nest is removed they can cause irritation to the people in the house.
The Bryobia Mite (Bryobia Rubrioculus, Family Tetranychidae) Body length 0.1-2mm. Reddish brown. Can migrate indoors from vegetation, clover, fruit trees.
The Straw Itch Mite (Pyemotes herfsi, Family Pyemotidae) Body length 0.1-2mm. Often is found in straw mattresses and on the bodies of insects. Found on insects attacking timber and grains.
The Scabies Mite (Sarcoptes scabiei, Family Saroptidae) Body length 0.1-2mm. Tunnels in the upper epidermis of human skin. Causing itching mostly at night. This mite is found often when hygiene is poor.

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