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Did you know that over 150,000 houses are damaged each year from termites?

Subterranean termites are the most destructive pests in Australia. Most species of termites work from a colony that usually lies under the surface of the soil. In their search for food termites will often build galleries from the ground, over ant capping/shields and along pipes.

For termites to gain access to structural timbers they will penetrate concrete slabs or piers by following the tiniest cracks and Flaws.

Once the foundations have been breached the termites can attack any part of the building (often undetected), inside wall cavities, in the under floor and in the ceiling areas.

At Pest Be Gone Solution our Timber pest inspections are carried out by fully accredited, experienced technicians who are highly trained in conducting visual inspections and using current detection equipment to ensure that nothing is missed.

What is reported on in a Timber Pest Inspections?

  • Termite activity
  • Inactive Termite damage
  • Wood Bora damage

Borers (including the infamous European House Borer (EHB) now active in Western Australia) pose a significant threat to your home. Borers are little beetles that lay their eggs in dry seasoned timbers. The larvae hatch and begin eating away at the timber and eventually emerging as adult beetles. Several species are known to infest homes and furniture, including the Anobium borer, Lyctus borer and the aforementioned EHB.


  • Wood and fungi decay

Fungal decay/wood rot weakens exposed timbers over time. Rot fungi can appear in the form of brown rot, white rot or soft rot.


  • Chemical delignification

This is a reaction that leaves your roof timbers looking ‘frayed/ fluffy’. Also known as Hairy Timbers; it occurs when the lignin (glue that holds together the timber fibres) becomes damaged by airborne chemicals.


  • Potential termite hazards

What areas are inspected in a Timber Pest Inspections?

  • Property interior
  • Roof voids
  • Subfloor (if applicable)
  • Building exterior
  • Out buildings (ie shed, storeroom, garages)
  • Site and garden areas up to 50m from the building

Pest be Gone Solutions Timber pest inspection services exceeds the requirements of the relevant Australian standards 4349.3 and provide you with a full comprehensive report detailing our findings. Areas of concern are noted throughout the reports and are accompanied with photos providing a visual reference for our clients giving them peace of mind knowing all the pertinent information.

Upon completion of the inspection, reports will be typed and ready within 24 hours and sent once payment has been received.

Is your home on of those 150,000 homes damaged each year?

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  5. Please read through the report and if any question arise please feel free to contact us.

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