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European House Bora (EBH)

European House Bora Ellenbrook (EBH)

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European House Borer

European house borer Ellenbrook or Hylotrupes bajulus (EHB) is a destructive pest that feeds of seasoned coniferous timber including pine, fir and spruce. If this pest is left alone to become established it can cause major structural damage to buildings.


  • An adult beetle lays its eggs into the cracks, holes and joints of dead pine trees, dead branches, or other dead parts of living trees and untreated manufactured products made from pine timber.


  • These beetles emerge from September through to April during the flight season, and they can live anywhere from a few days up to a couple of weeks.


  • Damage is done by European house borer Ellenbrook EHB larvae when they hatch from the eggs. European house borer Ellenbrook EHB can live in the larval state for 2-12 years before it matures and emerges from the timber as an adult beetle, to begin the life cycle again.


  • Only when 2-3 generations have infested the same piece of wood that serious structural damage can result.


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