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Lizards Removal Perth

Lizards Removal Perth


Lizards Removal Perth come and many different sizes, colours and varieties. While they are not deadly some varieties can be aggressive. There are several treatment methods which will help resolve lizard problems.


Lizards do look similar to snakes but they are quite different. Lizards generally have legs except for the legless lizard species.

Legless Lizards Removal Perth have evolved from the legged lizards. They are long, slender and have ears and a tail.

Lizard Photo Adult body Length Features
Legless Lizard 70-100 cm They look like snakes but they have ears and tail. They have fleshy tongue which is different to snakes that have forked tongue.
Pygmy Rock Monitor
(Varanus kingorum)
20 cm to 2m They have forked tongues and pointy heads.
Thorny Devil (Varanus giganteus) 9-20 cm They have long back limbs, large heads. Back covered in thorns. Lays 3-10 eggs.
Blue Tongued lizard (Tiliqua nigrolutea) 37cm Being omnivorous, their diet consists of fruits, berries flowers, fungi, insects, and spiders. Found in all areas and around homes.
Perentie (Varanus giganteus) 2 to 2.5m Australia’s largest lizard. When frightened the run fast and climb trees. They lay 6-10 eggs.




Lizard Photo Adult body Length Features
Garden Skink (Lampropholis delicata) Up to 40 mm The biggest category of lizards in Australia. Lay 2-6 eggs.
Asian House Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus)  7-10 cm They have sticky little feet that allows them to climb on smooth surfaces. They are nocturnal and lay eggs in burrows. They make a chirping sound.
Western Bearded Dragon
(Pogona minor minor)
10-15 cm Eats vegetable matter and insects. Can live up to 10 years in capacity. A popular pet. They lay eggs
Frilled Neck Lizards 70-95cm Live in Tropical Climate in Northern WA, NT. Lay 8-23 eggs. Eat insects. Can be aggressive. To be avoided.


Health Risks

Lizards Removal Perth are not harmful to humans. Some can be aggressive so they should be avoided such as Perentie, Monitors, and Frilled Neck Lizards.


Lizards Removal Perth are cold blooded they rely on external heat to regulate their bodies. They lay eggs. They are found in a wide range of habitats from forests, desert, beaches and households.

Pest Management

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