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Crickets Pest Control Perth , Grasshoppers, Locusts

(Order orthoptera)


Grasshoppers are solitary insects which not easily visible. They feed mainly at night- time. With 2,827 known species in Australia. These insects need to be kept under control to avoid vegetation/plant losses with the number get out of control. There are several treatment methods which will help resolve ant infestation problems.


Crickets Pest Control Perth , Grasshoppers, Locust come in a wide range of varieties. See Table below to identify your pest.

Insect Photo Adult body Length Features
Crickets Pest Control Perth 1-2 cm Small body, Strong Hind-legs for jumping. Singing. Active day and night.
Mole Cricket 3-5 cm Long whip like antennae produce sound and songs, mole crickets are winged and fly mainly at night. They tunnel just beneath surface, produce raised tunnels
Grasshoppers 2-5 cm Are larger than crickets. Don’t sing. Strong Hind-legs for jumping. Nocturnal insects. Solitary insects.
Locust 2-3 cm Are smaller than grasshoppers. Travel in groups and can swarm.

(Gerozisis & Hadlington, 2006, 38-39)

Health Risks

Locust in the past have been known for widespread crop damage have produced many famines. While grasshoppers and crickets can cause annoyance around buildings with their singing. As grasshoppers, crickets and locus spend a lot of time in gardens they can carry a lot of bacteria on their bodies. They do have a low pest status when in low numbers.


Grasshoppers are not easily visible. They blend well with their surroundings they are solitary insects that live in burrows and or caves. They are more active at night. There are 20,000 known species known worldwide. Australia has 2,827 of these species. Adults are medium to large with a long, slender body. They have strong chewing mouth pieces, compound eyes with two antennae. The hind-legs are enlarged for jumping. They feed on vegetation, moving, running, jumping and flying. Courtship is an elaborate process involved in rubbing their legs, wings and songs. Their eggs are laid in stings on plant materials. Nymphs undergo many moults before reaching adult. Locusts are shorter then grasshoppers and tend to travel in large groups. They have been known to swarm while migrating and can be destructive.

Pest Management

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