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Mice Pest Control Perth

Service mice pest control Perth

For mice pest control Perth we carry out baiting using lockable stations that lock the bait in the station on metal rods (not the rodents).

The mice can travel in and back out of the station but can’t remove the bait physically from the station.

This is for safety reason if your to throw loose bait or place bait in cardboard boxes it can be removed by the rodent and found out in the yard or neighbour’s yard where could be accessible to small children or pets such as dogs and cats.

  • We carry out an inspection to locate the areas the rodents are frequenting.
  • We bait the stations with a couple kilograms of bait and ad professional attractants

We use

6X Large rat stations in the roof
6X Mice station internal house (if required)

6 month warranty provided on the service Make a Booking Now


Mice Pest Control Perth


These animals are well adapted to living with humans, sharing their food and shelter. They have been responsible for huge losses of food and their ability to transmit diseases to humans. There are several treatment methods which will help resolve mice pest control Perth problems.


The distribution of pests depend on the availability of food and shelter. Typically rodents will live and nest within a building and enter seasonally.

Health Risks

Mice pest control Perth are responsible for enormous losses of food in store, either by directly eating the food or by rendering the food inedible through contamination.

They contaminate the food with their droppings which is sprinkled on surfaces hey travel over and leaving hairs.

Mice pest control Perth have been known to transmit disease to humans. The most famous case “The Black Death (bubonic plague)” claimed 25 million lives in the 14th century in Europe. Other known diseases are:

  • Favus (ringworm)
  • Poliomyelitis (polio)
  • Mouse typhoid (Severe food poisoning)
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningtis (meningitis)
  • Murine Typhus fever


House mouse (Mus musculus): are small with large ears and pointed snout. They have long tails as long as its body. They tend to live indoors and outdoors.

They live up to one year and have 6-10 litters’ per year with 5-6 young per litter. A mouse can reach sexual maturity at 6 weeks of age.

Pest Management

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