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Lawn Treatment | Bi-Agra

Bi-Agra – Lawn Water Retainer Treatment & Wetting Agent

Bi-agra has two main components:

  1. Wetting agent for spreading water evenly.
  2. Moisture retaining aid that allows your lawn to hold the water.

Bi-agra has long lasting effects with research showing that it is still effective up to 6 months after application and showing results in just 3 weeks.

Bi-agra was researched and developed for our Western Australian high draining sand conditions and is still environmentally friendly.

Bi-agra reduces  water evaporation by holding onto the moisture in the soil, this allows for better use of irrigation twice a week.

Bi-agra improves water distribution & uniformity, helping to reduce that blotchy look often apparent in domestic lawns.

Bi-agra retains up to 5 times the normal amount of moisture held in the root zone of your turf. This means less watering is required and can reduce watering by 50% – IMAGINE THE WATER BILL SAVINGS $$$.