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Weed Control Perth

Your specialists in Weed Control Perth or Lawn Treatment


A weeds are an wild plant that grows where it is not wanted and is in competition with cultivated plants. Weeds can be treated with non-selective or selective herbicides. Pest Be Gone Solutions like to minimise and combat these unwanted weeds without effecting the rest of your garden.

Domestic Clients and Semi Rural

Garden beds for couch grass and general flat weeds control Perth , lawns for all flat weeds including: bindii, clover and dandelion. Paving , pathways and driveways for all grasses and general weeds control Perth , farmlands and hobby farms for al noxious and declared weeds including: Patrson’s curse, capeweed and watsonia.

Commercial Clients

  • Building surrounds,
  • paving, pathways, driveways and car parks for all grasses and general weeds.

Government and industry clients

Specialised areas of weed management include:

  • bushland,
  • turfed areas,
  • road ways and hard surfaces,
  • firebreaks,
  • channels, streams and rivers,
  • natural and constructed wetlands,
  • parkland’s, nature reserves,
  • irrigation area and
  • remediation sites

Pest Be Gone Solutions are the specialists in Turf Care and Weeds Control Perth !


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