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Feral Cat Control Perth

Feral Cat Control Perth
(Felis catus)


Feral Cats are responsible for many native animal deaths in Australia but they also help control mice and rabbit. There numbers do need to be controlled to within limits to stop the spread of disease to native animals and to humans. There are several treatment methods which will help resolve this problems.


Feral Cat control Perth are medium size, wild cats that are found throughout Australia and islands. They can breed 4 kittens in one litter from age one year. Dingoes and foxes prey on young kittens which helps to reduce the numbers.

Health Risks

Feral Cat control Perth have high pest status due to the damage to livestock and native animals. Feral Cats carry infectious diseases which can be transmitted to native animals and humans. These diseases are:

  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Sarcosporidiosis
  • Rabies (if introduced into Australia)


They are nocturnal animals that live in outdoors but sleep in caves, nears rocks, burrows, logs and shady trees during the day. Been mainly solitary animals, they wonder around and do invade homes and farms occasionally.

Feral cat control Perth inhabit the entire continent of Australia. Preying on birds, reptiles and small marsupials which has caused extinction of some species.

Feral cat control Perth mainly eat meat and can survive with limited water. Farmers do not want cat populations eradicated because they help control mice and rabbits.

Feral cat’s main disadvantage is that they have little endurance. They prefer to hunt at night time. In some areas there is no predator to the cat so they are at the top of the food chain. Dingoes and foxes help restrict feral cat numbers in some mainland areas.

Pest Management

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