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At Pest Be Gone Solutions an Australian Standards compliant timber pest inspection is carried out on every property before we carry out any termite treatment Perth. Termites cannot be successfully treated without a thorough inspection of the property to establish existing termite entry points and areas that are conducive to termite attack.Treatment methods that Pest Be Gone Solutions use for termite treatment perth
  • Drill the perimeter of the building and Inject where concrete or pavers are located around the side of the building walls.
  • Trench and flood around the external perimeter of the building when direct earth is abutting the side of the building. Note ideally pavers can also be lifted and soil underneath is trenched and flooded instead of drilling and injecting pavers.
  • Timber floored homes may require trenching and flooding around the internal perimeter of the subfloor foundation or subfloor stumps and brick piers.
  • Drill and inject all penetrations (typically plumbing penetrations) through the concrete slab.
  • Rod and inject all areas which are built up with earth abutting the building.
  • Drill and inject any cracks in the concrete pad.


Chemical Choices:

There are many chemicals available within the industry to use for protecting structures against termite attack, most fall into either one of two categories “Repellent” or “Non Repellent”. This simply means that the termite has an ability to detect or not detect the chemical around the perimeter of the building.

Non Repellent:
Altriet (Active Constituent : chlorantrantraniliprole)
Altriset delivers efficient termite control by stopping any further termite damage within hours after application. Altriset provides immediate long-term residual control for five year protection.

Altriset is sprayed around the entire foundation of the home or building. Altriset makes it nearly impossible for termites to avoid when foraging toward your home to feed.

When termites have encountered Altriset their Jaws become paralyzed within hours. This stopping the termite from causing further destruction to your home. Because Altriset is easily shared and past among termite colony members, you can expect control within three months.

Product Options – Chlorantrantraniliprole
  •   Altriset

 Altriset Certifcate

Termidor (Active Constituent : fipronil)
Termidor is an invisible chemical to Termites, it is water based, has no odour, will not leach through soil and importantly is not damaging to soil micro-organisms, earthworms or plants. In addition to being a chemical lethal to termites, the chemical is transferred from one termite to another through general contact, grooming and the exchange of food. Ideally this transfer of chemical from one termite to another has the ability eradicate a whole termite colony.

Termidor has a residual life of approximately eight years.
Termidor Video :

Accredited Termidor Applicator

Termidor Accredited Company

Product Options – Fipronil
  •  Termidor
  • Warden
  • Ultrathor
  •  Ultraforce
  •  Terminade
  • Country Fipronil
  • Radiate

Premise (Active Constituent : imidacloprid)
Premise is another chemical that is invisible to Termites, it like termidor is water based and has no odour. Premise is the only termiticide that is not classified as hazardous according to Worksafe Australia. This chemical also transfers from one termite to another through general contact, grooming and exchange of food.

Premise has a residual life of approximately seven years.

Product Options – Imidacloprid
  • Premise
  • Relay
  • Prothor
  • Imiforce
  • Spectrum
  • Country imidacloprid
  • Radiate


Biflex Aqua (Active Constituent : bifenthrin)
Biflex Aqua in addition to being lethal to termites is a termite repellent. Due to the repellent nature of the chemical repels the termites and tend to avoid contact with the chemical barrier.

It has a residual life of 3 to 10+ years (dependent on mix concentration) and is a time proven method of treating termites with successful results for the last ten years.

Product Options – Bifenthrin
  • Biflex Aqua
  • Biflex Ultra
  • Maxthor
  • Biforce 100C
  • Biforce 200SC
  • Maxthor Deuce
  • David Gray Bifenthrin
  •  Country Bifenthrin