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Bed Bugs Pest Control Perth

Bed Bugs Pest Control Perth

(Climex lectularius)


Bed Bugs pest control Perth feed mainly on humans from all stages from nymph to adult. They have strong mouthparts that help then extract blood from their victims. This can be extremely irritating to the victims. They are several treatment methods which will help resolve bed bug control Perth problems.


Bed Bugs are usually 4-5 mm long, rusty, red-brown colour with wingless, oval shaped, flat body. They have strong piecing mouthparts.

The adult must have a blood meal before laying eggs in groups of 10. Eggs usually hatch after 7-30 days. When hatched from eggs into nymph must have one blood meal before it moults to grow into an adult. Adults may live to up to 50 days to 1 year and can survive several months without a blood meal.


Health Risks

Bed bugs pest control Perth have not been associated with any serious diseases but can be unbearable for their victims.

Bed bugs were traditionally associated with motels/motels, inns but now have relocated to domestic residences worldwide

The activity of bed bugs is usually detected by irritation of their victims. They can leave a series of test bits in a line. Most people react to swelling and severe itching.


Bud Bugs nocturnal insects have piecing and sucking mouthparts which they use to suck blood from their human victims but sometimes feed on cats and other animals. This can be extremely irritating to the victims. They tend to feed in the few hours before dawn.

Pest Management

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