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Boundary wall require a physical barrier to be installed to ensure termites can’t

  1. come up through the wall
  2. come up in-between the pillar
  3. come up the outside of the boundary wall undetected to gain entry into the building.

Does the garage slab required to be sprayed

Yes before the hard stand is laid the garage slab required to be spray, most important as often people store many items in the garage and easy access for termite coming up through the rakes where the slab dry’s and shrinks leaving a small gap and the expansion joint.

Stage 2 Perimeter treatment

This is installed around the perimeter of the house to make sure termite can’t gain entry into the house.

if untreated its easy for termite to gain entry at foundation level straight in the wall cavity to travel concealed into the roof or gain entry straight into your house.

Especially when drainage not drained away from the property for example air conditioning overflows straight up along the house…. your just asking for trouble


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