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Termites, all so known as ‘white ants’ are the tiny white bodied pest that cause millions of dollars of damage to houses and structures in Perth every year. It is estimated that they cause more damage to houses in Australia than fire, floods and storms combined. The damage caused by white ants is so great that termite damage is not covered by insurance – this means it is a problem that YOU need to keep on top of to secure you investment and this can be done by having a Pest Be Gone Solutions technician carry out an annual Perth Whiteant inspection.

While white ants work slowly they are also silent and can go undetected for some time and cause thousands of dollars of damage without you even realizing it.

Severe structural damage created by white ants to house is on the rise due to more houses being built of materials and designs that favour infestations and hidden white ant entry.

So it’s no surprise that white ants can cause long-lasting structural damage to your house, so imagine how expensive that could be to fix – It is so important to have a whiteant inspection Perth done year, this helps to reduce the risk of any infestation and may save your house

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