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Carpet Beetle Perth

Carpet Beetle Perth

( Order Coleoptera)


Carpet Beetles Perth are common pests of articles of animal origin in homes.

Carpet beetles Perth are found in carpets, but also in woollen good, fur, silk, upholstery and stuffed animals. They are often found in undisturbed, dark Places. Many synthetic and woollen carpets are now treated when manufactured to resist these pests.


Adult carpet beetlesPerth are usually small and oval or elongated- oval in shape. Larvae are normally reddish- brown in colour with stiff bristles over the body surface.

The females lay their eggs in the dark, in undisturbed areas that will provided food for the Larvae after it hatches usually 14-28 days later.

From the time an egg is laid the usually life span till the end of adult hood is around 9-12 months

Health Risks

Soiled clothing, even of synthetic fibers should be washed before storage.


Carpet beetles are very widespread and destructive little pests as the larvae feed on carpets, underfelt, fur products, wool, silk and hair. They will also feed on dried meat products, cereals and dried insects

Pest Management

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