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Owner Builders in Perth

Your specialists in Owner Builder Pre Construction Works around Perth


Pest Be Gone Solutions can help you with all stages of works required for owners Builders; from providing pre- construction letter to submit to council in the planning stage to the treatments.


Stage 1.

Treatment spray under the slab


Physical barrier install

Strongly Recommended Extra

once stage one been completed, on days over 25 to 28 degrees we recommend a slab cure to reduce the heat intake into the slab to stop the slab cracking.

We spray a reflective plastic onto the slab.

Also Slab parge is a requirement, again a plastic membrane sprayed onto the outside edge of the slab to repels water.

Stage 2

Install a external barrier around the building / extension by chemical or physical / reticulation.

if a extension that’s adjoined to a exiting building we strongly recommend a physical barrier to the adjoining area.

No job is too small or large for Pest Be Gone Solutions


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